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1. Integrity

We strive to provide honest, high quality services. Do not take shortcuts or the easy way out.
Only when we provide real value to our clients, then we can build a relationship that lasts.

2. Design first

Our core competency lies in providing great, innovative solutions for visualization needs.
Tools that are great work well, but are aesthetically pleasing.

3. Constant change

Technology evolves every day. Things can always be better, and we should improve constantly
to provide the best for our clients.


We founded this company on the concept of featuring real-time rendering as a solution to inefficient user visualization processes today.
Our company is started by two passionate guys who are expert in their own unique and distinct fields. Kenny Chan, a computer science graduate, focuses on the technology and UX of the product.
Winston Sam, a real estate professional, focuses on fostering relationships with clients and industry professionals.

By combining our knowledge and expertise, we aim to build a world class organization that serves the needs of professionals in Singapore.

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